January 30, 2008

Winter Storm, 2 a.m.

Power is out and
the trees are scratching to
come in and
escape the wind

When I leave the house I
will see their iced arms
broken on the sidewalk and
be sorry I could not
open up the door for them

I'll end up carrying this
weighty chill all day
I won't be able to shake it
from my back and
won't be able to
smother it with sweaters

January 29, 2008

Cleveland, 7 a.m.

What have I done to deserve
the penal cold of
Ohio January?

The bathroom window is opaque
with ice which
makes this morning
all the more desperate
I can sense the sun but
cannot remove the thick
solid veil from my eyes

My gloves won't match today because
it was dark and I overslept
and I don't have time to
search for the coordinates

I hate being lonely and
I hate being cold and
it has been years since I
have been lonely but
oh I am cold

January 21, 2008

Sonnet for Totally Optional Prompts

I found out about Totally Optional Prompts a few months ago, and I've even written a couple of poems based on the prompts, but this week will be the first one where I actually get around to posting something. Prompts are released on Saturday, and on Thursday the Call for Poems appears. This week's prompt was "sonnet," and so on Thursday I will be posting my take there. But here's an advanced posting.

The Design of Poetry

Does form follow function
or the other way around?
Design is a conjunction
of elements well-round
How is poetry designed
with such limited uses?
Why will we not be consigned
to engage with other muses?

To others we might seem engaged
in frivolous exercise -
in esoteric forms engaged -
but they do not realize
we write for ourselves alone
for our own souls are these words sown

January 17, 2008

First Post!

So welcome to my poetry blog. This first entry will not have any poetry in it. And in fact, most of my poetry isn't that good, so you should feel lucky that I spared you on the first entry (no, really, I'm not fishing for compliments, I kinda stink). But I feel like subjecting the internet to my creativity, such as it is, so here you go. I will probably also be putting up other people's poetry from time to time (expect a lot of Whitman posts when I'm stressed out and need a bit of optimism in my day).