January 30, 2008

Winter Storm, 2 a.m.

Power is out and
the trees are scratching to
come in and
escape the wind

When I leave the house I
will see their iced arms
broken on the sidewalk and
be sorry I could not
open up the door for them

I'll end up carrying this
weighty chill all day
I won't be able to shake it
from my back and
won't be able to
smother it with sweaters


Crafty Green Poet said...

oh this is atmospheric! The next prompt that I write for Read Write Poem will be about trees, do you mind if I link to this? Let me know - you can email me on Juliet.M.WilsonATgooglemailDOTcom. Thanks

carole said...

I've just come from ReadWritePoem to read this. I like your poem very much - 'the trees scratching to/come in' and then 'their iced arms/broken on the sidewalk'. I agree with craftygreen poet that it's very atmospheric.