February 23, 2008

ReadWritePoem: Ode to the Body

I don't think I really followed the prompt per se, but I like the direction this took.


My mother says that my
inky, artificial scar
corrupts my body
That a picture as tiny
as a quarter tarnishes
my formerly flawless skin
That the permanence of a mark
means I've been ruined
reduced to a design

I say that we all have
the power to signify
be both signifier and signified
And the beauty is that we
can choose our representations
give our bodies another voice
And I celebrate my
inky, artificial scar
for its sign and my choice

1 comment:

...deb said...

Glad you found us, Allyson.

This is such a great response to the prompt (not that it matters that much - we all like reading poems no matter the inspiration!)

I love the she says, I say response and the repetition of "inky, artificial scar" that ties them together.

I like the powerful voice of these two in one.

Bring us more :-)