April 10, 2008

Belated NaPoWriMo Day 9

I actually did write this yesterday, but between my job interview and celebrating with a friend, I haven't spent much time around a computer.

Anyway, yesterday's poem comes from a prompt posted by Poefusion last week. The challenge was to do a 13-part poem akin to Stevens' "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird." Since I've spent the past two days in Austin visiting, doing a job interview, and putting down a deposit for an apartment, I did a 13-part series about the city.

Thirteen Ways of Looking at Austin
1. Lone-star state.
I may never see
a star again
with all the light pollution downtown.

2. As a child I thought
you only went to warm places
on vacation.
It still feels strange thinking
my life will always
be a vacation.

3. I was home before
I decided to move here.

4. I can see the congressional building
from the airplane.
I don't know if you care
but for some inarticulate reason
it's significant.

5. The first thing I notice when
I go for a walk in her
neighborhood is that
there aren't any sidewalks.

6. I was surprised to find
that some trees here
lost their leaves during the winter.

7. I work so far north
it's practically in Round Rock
but still
I'm here.

8. I wonder if the ballroom costume
I saw for sixty dollars
in a South Congress thrift store sixteen months ago
will still be there when I move permanently.

9. New Year's Eve was
and organic pink champagne in cans.

10. I have grown up with
the world's worst drivers
and longest construction projects.
Texas highways are not match for me.

11. New York has everyone.
That is its problem.
Seattle has everyone that can't afford New York.
That is its problem.
I'm not interested in people and their problems.

12. It's not a zip code, it's a way of life.

13. I write as an outsider.
What do I actually know?
I only see what I see.
I'm still a pale midwesterner.

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Michelle Johnson said...

Thanks for giving this prompt a try as well. I hope your move goes well. But, its a headache for sure. #10 rings true for me as I don't like big highways or lots of traffic. And, I think I would miss not being able to see the sky, morning or night. I'm a country girl for sure. Have a nice day.