April 13, 2008

Belated NaPoWriMoDay 12

Things I Will Miss
Life starting over as summer ends
Cooking dinner at midnight
3 a.m. guitar lessons
Beer hour
Afternoons of nothing but frisbee
Whole days of shared procrastination
The old year ending with the freshness of spring


susan said...

I couldn't stop the nagging of why she will miss these things. Has she died or is this a matter of growing into adulthood?

Allyson said...

Actually, it's about my impending graduation, finishing my M.A., getting a job, and being out of school for the first time in my entire life. And knowing I will miss a lot, although very little of it academic . . . . But I left it really vague, perhaps too much so. I just wanted to attempt making a poem out of a list and seeing what happened without much context.