April 1, 2008

NaPoWriMo Day 1

I can explain my 20-day absence . . . . March contained a weeklong comprehensive exam for my M.A., and then of course I had to catch up on everything I put off while I was taking said comprehensive exam. Which left me little time for writing or blogging.

But today marks the first day of National Poetry Month, and therefore the first day of NaPoWriMo, where you write a poem a day for the duration of the month. I'll be participating, and I'll also be posting every poem I write for NaPoWriMo, regardless of what I think about it.

Below is my first NaPoWriMo poem. Ohio and winter have figured quite a bit into my poetry lately. In a few months, I'll leave the state where I've spent all 24 years of my life and move to Austin, Texas. While I look forward to the move (especially after this year's frustrating winter), of course I'm going to miss home. And while I don't plan to take up permanent residence in Ohio after I leave, I also know I won't be saying goodbye, because I have family and friends here and will want to return. And the Totally Optional Prompts challenge for this week is regional poetry, which gave me even more reason to do another Ohio poem.

Can't Say Goodbye
I'm leaving.
But that doesn't mean I won't return.

Just because I'm heading for
winterless winters
and cars without a salty coat
doesn't mean that (someday)
I won't miss the glassy texture
of our ice storms.

While I'm off to
April not saturated with mud and melting
and even-seamed transitions between seasons
(sooner or later) I'll come around
to the deific glory
of our blizzards

Although I'm running towards
trees that don't turn their colors
and sandals in December
(eventually) I'll feel nostalgic
for the breathtaking bitterness
of a sub-zero day.

I'm leaving.
But that doesn't mean I won't long for
the triumph of standing outside
barefoot for the first time in months
knowing it's finally spring
after the aching, erratic winter


paisley said...

i am originally from ohio,, and moved to south florida at 18... even tho now i am in northern california,, and may never call ohio my home again,, it still shares a very special place in my heart.....

this was an extremely well written piece..

sister AE said...

nicely done. having grown up in illinois, i occasionally do feel that nostalgia

Crafty Green Poet said...

We had our first real snow this year for years and it was good to have it back. When I lived in Malawi, I missed winter so much....

I like your poem...

Stan Ski said...

I'm writing from Thailand, so the 'seamless' seasons are very familiar to me. I often dream about 'real' winters, though hailing from England, I may not have such an acute awareness of the 'reality' of winter as you do.
Liked it a lot - was able to relate.

Tumblewords: said...

The depth of bittersweet 'missing' of a place called home lingers in this piece. Nicely done!

Andy Sewina said...

A great piece of Regional Poetry!
Good luck with NaPoWriMo!

Linda said...

I like all the specific details you picked. They are perfect!

Greyscale Territory said...

That touchable nostalgia I too feel for the island of Tasmania.

I expect never to return.

But the feeling lingers.


aareet krsna said...

What I like best is all the personification - aching erratic winters really won me over