April 2, 2008

National Poetry Month: Darwinian Poetry

Today's link is a blast from the past. In my sophomore year of college (fall semester 2003), my mother forwarded me a link to Darwinian Poetry. Using a random word generator to create nonsensical jumbles, users select the jumble they like best. Non-selected "poems" die out while selected ones combine together and hopefully begin to make more sense. Playing with the site took up a lot of boring class time (my pre-calculus class met in the computer lab), but eventually I started taking more interesting classes, getting busy with homework and other activities, and I lost track of the site for a good 4 years. But in thinking about National Poetry Month, I got inspired to see if the site still existed and worked. And I'm rediscovering how fun it is.


Michelle Johnson said...

Thanks for stopping by Poefusion and signing up for the giveaway. I hope you will give some of the prompts a try as well this month.

Also, wanted to say that Darwinian Poetry site you linked to here is great. I have saved the link for future use. Thanks again for stopping by. Have a nice night.

Allyson said...

I definitely plan to give some of the Poefusion prompts a try. They look fun! I just read the "lune" prompt, and I definitely want to try it. I've never heard of that form before, and I love to experiment with new types of poetry.