April 14, 2008

National Poetry Month: Poetry 180

Still behind on my writing . . . I decided I really wanted a good night's sleep so I would be alert for my 9 a.m. presentation. Maybe I can get it together this evening . . . Anyway, here is another entry in celebration of National Poetry Month.

I enjoy Billy Collins' poetry, but even more, I'm a fan of the work he did during his tenure as Poet Laureate of the United States. One of his creations was Poetry 180, a poem-a-day for the 180 days of the high-school year. Perhaps my favorite thing about this electronic collection is that Collins selected poems designed to be listened to. This makes it easier to incorporate a poem a day into a high school English class. No need to worry about photocopying enough copies for all your students, or whether or not your anthology contains the poem in question. It's right on the screen, and you can print it and read it to your class each day (or have a different student read a poem each day). Plus (assuming your school has internet access or you can print the poem at home), it's a direct way to bring the arts into public schools without worrying about funding issues. The status of arts-related education is always tenuous in public schools, but Poetry 180 is a great way to give students a little more access to art.

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