April 8, 2008

National Poetry Month: Poets and Writer's Registry

I found out about the Poets and Writers Registry yesterday when I was checking my backlogged RSS feeds. I found the site through a post in Poets Who Blog, which is another one of my recent reading interests. The Poets and Writers Registry began on Facebook, but now is an independent site. It's only a couple of months old and has a small membership so far, but more and more people have been joining. I like the groups available so far, and I look forward to seeing what develops. I admit I'm a bit of a lurker right now; coming out of a hiatus, I feel like I've lost my voice in more ways than one, and I'm hesitant to do a lot of talking right now. I'm sort of observing and re-learning. But I think the Registry will be a great place for me to start contributing and helping, especially because they're so small, and I'm not going to feel as intimidated when jumping in. I think that the Poets and Writers Registry has the makings of a great resource, and I encourage you to join.

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