April 1, 2008

National Poetry Month: The Walt Whitman Archive

In addition to writing a poem a day this month, I want to use National Poetry Month as the impetus to get another feature of this blog off the ground. I don't want this blog just to be a place for my own poetry, but also for linking to other poets and sharing resources. But I just haven't gotten that aspect of this blog together yet. But because it's National Poetry Month, I'm making a commitment to blogging about other poets, organizations, etc. I don't know if I'll do one of these entries every day this month, but at least I'll get started.

What better way to start off this series than with something related to my favorite poet? The Walt Whitman Archive is a site devoted to archiving Whitman's poetry and prose, as well as images, audio recordings, and criticism. Furthermore, it's open-access, meaning you don't need a library or university subscription in order to make use of the information found here. If you use the Archive as a research tool, you still need to cite it as a reference, of course. And although it's open-access, the material isn't completely up for grabs; you still need to get permission to use images. But I think the Archive does a great job of balancing free access with their own rights. This is one of my favorite poetry-related sites. If you're also a fan, consider financial support for the Archive. They have some big-name donors such as the U.S. Department of Education, but every little bit helps.

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Mariacristina said...

Thanks for this link, and for commenting on my confessional poem. :)