May 6, 2008

State of my Art

With the academic year almost over and some major life changes about to happen, I've decided to take stock of my art, life, and the future.

1. NaPoWriMo
As you can tell, I didn't finish NaPoWriMo this year. This is because the last week of April also happened to be the first week of finals. The last weeks of the semester are always overwhelming, and I had to let something go. Nonetheless, I'm proud of the amount I managed to write, and I'm also pleased with the quality of at least some of the poems. So while not a completely successful attempt, good effort all around. I can't wait to try again next year!

2. Publication
The Case Reserve Review, the university's student-run literary magazine, published "Winter Storm, 2 a.m." I'm thrilled. That's all I really have to say about it; I'm just stoked that I published something so soon after starting to write again. Guess the extended vacation was good for me!

3. Workshopping
In April I joined the Fertile Ground workshopping site. While I admittedly didn't participate much last month (thanks again to finals), I'm looking forward to both giving and getting constructive feedback on my work.

4. What's Ahead in the Rest of my Life
Towards the end of April, I was offered a job as a research analyst with the Texas Center for Educational Research. I can't wait to start! This is my dream job, and while I'm nervous, I'm also excited.

As the job is in Austin, Texas, I of course have to move. Not that I'm particularly distraught about leaving snowy Cleveland (as you probably know from some of my poems). Yes, I'm going to miss my family, as well as important characteristics of my geography. However, I fell in love with Austin at first sight, and I look forward to building a life there.

So life is about to get pretty crazy. In two weeks, I make the move. And in those two weeks I have to get my grading done, pack, get my car tuned up, and finish planning my Cleveland wedding that I started planning before Austin was even a possibility. I start work on May 27th, and on June 28th I fly back for my wedding. So once July starts, I hope things will settle down a bit!

And I'm sure all the craziness will be good fodder for poetry . . .