March 10, 2009

Confession Tuesday

Dorla Moorehouse is not my real name.

I chose this name in part as a way to honor my grandmothers; this pseudonym is a combination of their first and last names. I feel that writing this pseudonym allows me to honor these women who did not have the freedom to pursue their creative interests because they were too busy raising children and being housewives.

I also selected this name as a way to feel more free in my creative writing. I often like to write about very personal subjects, and I feel safer doing so when I am not writing under a different name. Plus, I feel it adds another layer of protection for other people who figured into my work. Not only are their names disguised, but when I use a different one as well, that means there are fewer ways to identify real people. And therefore I feel I can truly "be myself" when I am writing under a pseudonym.

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