March 28, 2009

Untitled Prose Poem

By all appearances I have lost my way. But I do not feel disoriented. What would I say if confronted by the professors who expected brilliant research? What would I say to the people who oriented me towards a simplistic vision of success? Would I explain that I had fallen off the path and into a ditch? Or would I tell them that the path was not wide enough, and that there weren't enough forks. Would I explain that at 25 I have only just begun to push the limits of my professional imagination? And that I am not lost but exploring? And that while the path is well-lit, I do not feel compelled to return because I do not miss the clarity, and my night vision is decent. And although I wander, I am not aimless. And someday, I will find home. Or perhaps just a new path.

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