April 2, 2009

Goal Setting for April

Review of March Goals:
I met all of my submission goals for March. Hooray! I also got 3 copies of my novel out to readers so that they could give me feedback.

However, I did not finish revising draft 4, and so I did not get to marking up draft 5 of the novel. Nor did I attend a poetry reading or finish reading my friend's novel for our novel-swap. I did not finish my revisions because my attention has been focused on other writing projects for most of the month. I did not attend a poetry reading because I have been out of town so much for my full-time job. And I have not finished my friend's novel because on top of my full-time job and working on my own writing, I started working part-time for a bookstore. I'm doing both jobs because the bookstore is where I'll be working when I'm focusing on my writing, and they needed someone to start immediately, so I took the job even though I cannot quit my full-time job until later this month. I am not thrilled with the arrangement, but I know it's only temporary.

So I only achieved 50% of my March goals. But it's not the end of the world. I know this will get easier when I'm working just one job. Plus, we have a lot of events at the bookstore, so working there will facilitate attendance at literary events.

April Goals:
1. Finish revising draft 4 of my novel
2. Mark up and revise draft 5 of my novel
3. Finish commenting on my friend's novel draft
4. Attend a poetry reading or other literary event of some kind
5. Get a draft of my novel to 1 person for comments/criticism
6. Enter the Shine Journal poetry contest
7. Enter the Bottom Line poetry contest. Poetry about colonoscopies? That's a challenge I'm willing to take.
8. Submit writing to one literary periodical, either in print or online. I have a database of about 70 right now, so there are plenty for me to pick.

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Chrissy said...

Wow. I am so impressed with your list. This is a fantastic idea and right up my alley!