April 20, 2009

NaPoWriMo Day 20

For today, I stole Eavan Boland's "Against Love Poetry" and created a new version. I can't decide if I like it and want to revise it, or if it was just a cop-out on a day I wasn't feeling very inspired.

We were married in the summer last year. We have discovered new ways to love each other since then. We have loved different people as well. Why do we speak of our other partners? Because love is exponential. Because monogamy is static. Therefore, every word here is written against love poetry. Love poetry can do no justice to this. Here, instead, is a lament for the potential loves I smothered: There was a time when I believed love was a finite resource. I was taunted by potential intimacy. I abandoned many to save my supply for one. I rejected friends the second I started to desire more. Only when I learned you were also frustrated did I suspect my infinite capacity for love. We only found loneliness in the rings of monogamy. But we have loved each other more as we have learned to love others. It is to mark the contradictions of our daily love that I have written this. Against love poetry.

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SalsaBilly said...

This is good Dorla. Decide to like it. If you weren't inspired then look out when you are!!! Sometimes the magic is out of our control and appears in spite of our minds. It inspired me and I counterpointed with In Defense of Love Poetry