May 1, 2009

Goal Setting for May

Review of April Goals
I accomplished 7.5 of my 8 goals! The only thing I didn't manage to do in April was revise draft 5 of my novel; I did manage to mark it up, I just haven't made all the changes yet. Go me!

May Goals:
1. Finish revising draft 5 of my novel
2. Mark up and revise draft 6 of my novel
3. Attend a poetry reading/other literary event
4. Enter the Moon Poem Broadside competition
5. Send out work to at least two literary journals (print or online)
6. Pitch my novel to a publisher
7. Finish at least one piece that I started but gave up on
8. Research area writing groups I might want to join

1 comment:

chrissy said...

i love your monthly writing goals. they've inspired me to make some of my own!