May 4, 2009

NaPoWriMo Reflection

Kelli at Book of Kells has posted a reflection about her experiences with NaPoWriMo, and that post has inspired me to do the same.

I definitely had a better experience with NaPoWriMo than I did last year, the primary reason being that I actually finished this year! I came up with some good writing, some of which I've already started revising and submitting. I'm at the point in my life where I'm committed to re-focusing on my long-neglected creative writing, so I've felt like I'm starting from scratch after all this time. So making myself come up with 30 poems in a month was a great way to make me feel like I'm not stuck at zero. All in all, I'd consider this month a success.

1. Number of poems written in April.

2. Number of poems you’ll keep and revise.
One has already been revised, submitted, and is forthcoming at an online publication. I think there are four, maybe five, more that I'm going to keep and revise

3. List the titles of your top-three NaPoWriMo poems.
"Accidental Dancer," "Meeting the Motorcycle," "The Recovered Woman Speaks"

4. List your three least-favorite NaPoWriMo poem
The untitled poem from day 3, the untitled poem from day 11, the untitled poem from day 15

5. Favorite line from one of your NaPoWriMo poems.
"I grew rich on deprivation" - from "The Recovered Woman Speaks"

6. Notice any patterns?
I ended up disliking almost all of the untitled poems, the exceptions being day 2 and day 21.

7. What surprised you most about writing a poem a day?
That I ended up with so many poems I liked. Definitively liking 5 may not seem like a lot, but it is for me. I anticipating having one poem I loved out of 30.

8. Now that you have momentum, what’s next?
Focus on revising; try to come up with a few new poems a week as a matter of habit, but working on refining the material I've just created.

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Mairi said...

I was almost surprised I managed to finish the poem a day for a month challenge but I hadn't thought of actually going back and considering what it was worth in terms of learning etc to have done so. I'll follow your example and consider the project.