May 3, 2009

Not New York

Not New York

You are everything that is
not New York.

You sleep at midnight.
Sleep through the best
parts of the day.
Refusing to glow.
Or expand from
dusty roads.

You are not oily rain
in Union Square,
Moonlight skating
in the park.
Refusing to tower,
cast a shadow.
Graffiti in the background.

hick at heart.
Surviving without
the silhouette of
midtown Manhattan
from the Queensboro Bridge.

You thrive in hamlets
where deer cut
through dew.
Occasionally crashing
through windshields
when in season.

You live without
the surprise of
a solitary figure.
With dwarfed buildings
and worldview.
Not even a dust
speck to The City.

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