May 21, 2009

Taking the Hint

A few weeks back I wrote a post about Hint Fiction. Since then, a Hint Revolution has started making its way around the blogosphere. Now, a bunch of us bloggers are working on a hint fiction serial. Last week, Isaac Newton of more absurd than difficult selected me to continue the story. So below is the serial so far. How does it work? Just post your hint continuation in the comments, and I'll select the one I think best contributes to the serial as a whole. The winner gets to continue the serial at their blog.

Also - big apologies for the delays in getting this out. I've had a distracting week. The short version: I had to reinstall the OS of my computer twice . . . .

The detectives wouldn’t believe he drank the entire bottle of Worcestershire sauce willingly no matter what we said.

We told them he was preparing for the end of the world, we told them it would be coming tomorrow.

The detectives told us to ‘go home and prepare for Armageddon then…assholes’, and proceeded to muscle us off the property.

It seemed to be a big joke to them jeering and cursing us, but come tomorrow we’ll see who’s laughing and who’s dead.

The next morning, it appeared we had been proved wrong. But only we could see that life was no longer business as usual.


Dave King said...

This is all very new to me, but it sounds great fun. Where can I read up on hint fiction?

Dorla Moorehouse said...

Hi Dave-

For some reason my copy/paste feature isn't working, but click on the link to the first post I wrote about hint fiction, and you will find a link to Robert Swartwood's originally essay on the subject.

Miss Mapp said...

Hi Dorla, I'm here from Isaac, checking out the hintsyndrome. Do you know where it has gone to from you so I can join in?

Dorla Moorehouse said...

Miss Mapp -

It's still here! Nobody has posted hint fiction to this thread yet.

Miss Mapp said...

Hi Dorla, so le me get this right:The part in italics above with the detectives is the story that you have put together, which I like, or is there a full version of that?
Hopefuls then drop you a brief scheme of where the story goes from thatre and u choose which idea you like from the hopefuls and pass the torch?
Its all that linking and stuff that has me scared as I don't know how to do all those kind of things.
May I be a pain Dorla also and ask if you would consider changing your comments options so that it notifys when you next post a reply.
(To change comment seting, go to dashboard, then settings, then comments, then on 'comment form placement' tick pop up window.
This will then give commenters the option of ticking the box to receive alerts that a post has been responded to.)

Dorla Moorehouse said...

Hi MM -

Yes, you have it right, the italicized parts are what has been written so far. Then, people submit 25-word-or-fewer continuations in the comment section!

Thanks for the suggestion about the comments. I'll look into that.