June 16, 2009

Confession Tuesday

Since I started my writing efforts seriously again, I have had poems accepted at electronic publications based in Scotland, Canada, and Britain. I have yet to get an acceptance in the United States. Not that I think this is a problem. I'm not upset by it. I'm just amused and intrigued. I'm not sure there's anything to it, it's just interesting to realize.

I'm surprised that I've had three poetry acceptances so far since I seriously began this venture earlier this year. In the early years of my writing, I struggled like crazy to get three acceptances in a year, much less in the span of a few months. After three years of barely writing and not attempting to publish, I suddenly have a pretty good success rate, at least compared to my old track record. What makes it even more amazing to me is that right now, I'm submitting almost entirely new work that I have written since 2009. I made a conscious decision that everything I write before my long hiatus was now off-limits; everything old needed to be retired. I just decided I needed to start fresh with my writing and not be stuck submitting old work that didn't necessarily represent my artistic vision anymore. (I did break this promise once, when I felt that an old poem really did fit with the publication; I'm still waiting to hear back on it.) So it's almost as if, during this long period when I did very little creative work, I somehow improved as a poet even though I was not actively practicing. It's as if my mind needed that time to not work, and to just exist without trying to be an artist/writer/poet/whatever. There are times when I have regretting the years I did not write, but now I think they might have been good for me.

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susan said...

Congratulations on your publishing success.

I don't know how much we improve not writing, but I do think we time and experience our perception can improve, we might be paying closer attention to our experiences and the events around us.