June 23, 2009

Confession Tuesday

After about 6 weeks away from my novel, I feel like I can finally begin working on it again in earnest. I started rereading it for the first time yesterday, and felt really inspired. The first three chapters are getting a major overhaul, and I think they might be done after this round of revision (although I cannot say for sure). I finally feel energetic about the novel for the first time in awhile, and think I'm making better revisions after my time away.

On a totally unrelated note, I had a really good conversation with a friend today. Someone I feel a lot closer to now that we've had this chat. It's great when a friendship reaches a new level of closeness.


stu said...

Do you have a complete draft of it yet? I couldn't make up my mind if you were revising before you were finished or not.

Dorla Moorehouse said...

I have a complete novel, I'm just still revising. At this point, I'm done making major changes. The first three chapters are getting a makeover again, but those are organizational; no new scenes, characters, or plot elements. And the rest of the revisions are small things - word choice, etc.