June 6, 2009

Goal Setting for June

Review of May Goals
I managed to meet all but one of my writing goals for May, more or less (I say that noting I changed goals about my novel mid-month because I was feeling burned out). The one goal I did not accomplish was finishing a piece I had abandoned. While I did revisit a previously-halted work, I never got around to finishing it. Guess I'll be trying that again in June!

June Goals
1. Finish two of the three freelance projects I was assigned at the end of May (the third is a larger research project that requires more than a month of work)
2. Do two full revisions of each of the two poetry manuscripts I began in May
3. Submit writing to at least two literary journals and at least one contest
4. Participate in my first writing group critique
5. Attend a poetry reading or other literary event
6. See if I can get time off to attend a workshop in San Antonio in July and register for said workshop
7. Pitch my novel to at least one publisher
8. Finish at least one piece that I started but gave up on

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