July 21, 2009

Confession Tuesday

I have a meeting with the head of my dance school on Thursday to talk about enrolling in teacher training. I am very excited and very nervous. And also surprised - I'm coming back to ballroom dancing after a 3-year hiatus and surprised to be in good enough shape to be considered as a teacher. I hope it goes well; I would love to become a dance teacher. It's a dream I had as a child that I put aside, thinking it would never happen. It's thrilling to think it might actually come true.

July has been a difficult month professionally. I've had trouble meeting my freelance goals AND my creative writing goals. The past few months have been good; I had a really easy time dedicating myself to my work. But for some reason, in July, I have had numerous little things encroaching on my time, and it's been more difficult than usual to set boundaries between my writing, day job, dance, and social lives. I really need to power through this week and then revise my strategies so this doesn't happen again in August.

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