July 14, 2009

Flash Fiction Workshop: Day 1

Tonight was the first night of my 3-evening workshop. To my surprise, we didn't actually write anything.

First, we went around and just discussed the many forms of flash fiction (including PP/FF, microfiction, short-short fiction, etc.), our personal definitions of the genre, what distinguished flash fiction from prose poetry, and other conceptual stuff. Then, we spent the rest of the class reading examples of flash fiction and discussing them as a class. It was nice to see the varieties of flash fiction that exist: everything from classics by Borges and Carver to more experimental work. We had a really productive discussion.

However, I was a little bummed that we didn't do any writing at all. We did get prompts to take home and work on for the next sessions, but I would have liked even a 5-minute exercise. Still, I had a good time, and I look forward to the next two evenings.

Now, off to some reading and then some sleeping.


stu said...

That's not a workshop. That's a seminar.

Dorla Moorehouse said...

That's true, which is why I was so surprised; it was definitely billed as a workshop.