July 2, 2009

July Goals

Review of June Goals
Yay! I accomplished everything I set out to do in June! In fact, I managed to exceed my expectations this month. And some positive things have come from that, particularly attending a flash fiction workshop later this month.

July Goals
1. Do at least one full revision of my poetry manuscripts-in-progress.
2. Enter the Three-Minute Fiction Contest.
3. Submit work to at least three literary journals.
4. Attend at least one poetry reading or other literary event.
5. Come away from my writing workshop with at least one piece worth submitting.
6. Pitch my novel to at least one publisher.
7. Finish a short story I started but have since neglected.
8. Begin to do research for my NaNoWriMo 2009 novel.


stu said...

What was it like going back to the short story?

Dorla Moorehouse said...

At first, it was pretty difficult to get myself back into the story again. There were a lot of false starts trying to get my energy and focus back into it. Also, upon starting revision, I found some big plot holes because I had forgotten some early details. But eventually, I got a flow going and the story turned out pretty well.