August 10, 2009

August Goals

I can't believe we're 10 days into August and I'm just getting around to posting my goals now! Well, it's been a busy month. I have been very active in my writing/research, plus I have had to pull extra time at the day job because other employees have been on vacation and I'm the fill-in person. This week will probably be a low-productivity writing week, but I was exceptionally productive last week, so even if I only get half as much done this week, it will all even out.

Review of July Goals
July was unfortunately not as productive as I would have liked. I did revise my poetry manuscripts, attend a reading, submit some of the work I did for my workshop, pitched my novel to a publisher, and start research for NaNoWriMo 09. However, I did not enter the three-minute fiction contest, I only submitted work to one literary journal, and I did not finish a neglected story. This was the first month since I seriously began writing that I accomplished so few goals. But August has been great so far, so I hope I'm making up for it.

August Goals
1. Submit pieces for the Hint Fiction anthology
2. Complete the first and second drafts of my guide to Austin independent bookstores
3. Submit work to at least three literary journals
4. Do full revisions of all in-progress poetry manuscripts
5. Attend a reading or other literary event
6. Finish a neglected story
7. Pitch my novel to at least one publisher
8. Get a writer's group together with another writer friend

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