August 11, 2009

Confession Tuesday

I confess that I've spent far more money on books this month than I rightfully should have. Doing research for my bookstore guide was very bad for my spending habits. Let's hope this thing makes me a little money . . . .

My husband found a job and while I'm relieved I'm no longer our sole source of income, I'm bummed that I have to start helping with cooking and cleaning again.

I confess that I could easily spend 3+ hours in the dance studio and be totally happy.

I worry that teacher training is going to interfere with my writing and that I'm going to struggle with my life balance for awhile.

I feel guilty that I'm temporarily canceling my weekly yoga routine with my friend so that I can maintain a life balance. She totally understands, and we plan to pick it back up again once I get into a new routine, but I still have this irrational guilt.

My boyfriend and I have decided that there needs to be a category of "Midwestern guilt" to fit in along with "Jewish guilt" and "Catholic guilt."

I believe that bell hooks' All About Love is the best self-help book that is not actually a self-help book.

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