September 15, 2009

Confession Tuesday

I confess that working in a bookstore has its advantages, while simultaneously being a disadvantage for my wallet. Yesterday, I unloaded a box of books to discover that this was the week that most of the Best American series for 2009 had arrived. I had purchased the Best American Nonrequired Reading and the before the books had even been put on the shelves. Usually the only Best American book I buy each year is the Nonrequired, but this year, Mary Oliver edited the Essays, so I simply had to get it.

I confess that the flash drive my husband got me for Valentine's Day in 2007 is starting to fail as a reliable data storage device, and I'm really bummed. Yes, I can get a better one, and even an 8-gig flash drive is not that expensive these days. But this one was a gift. It has sentimental value.

I confess that I want to buy a copy of Dirty Dancing this weekend and watch it. I never thought Swayze was that great of an actor, but he was an impeccable dancer, and the dance world is at a loss without him.

I confess that I'm glad Austin is finally getting rain, but annoyed that the storms seem to only hit when I'm riding my scooter around, and not when I'm actually inside anywhere.

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Michelle Johnson said...

Hello Doorla~ I confess I couldn't work in a bookstore either because I'd want all those books. I'm hoping you get a discount for working there.

It's hard to part with things that have sentimental value, isn't it? I can think of a few things I can't part with for that reason.

I'm saddened by Swayze's death as I loved him in Ghost and the Outsiders. I've watched Dirty Dancing about 3 times throughout the years, Ghost even more.

I think we're supposed to get rain this week too. I don't care much for the rain but, I do love the smell of its arrival.

Hope all is well. Have a great day.