September 22, 2009

Confession Tuesday

I love rainy days. I love walking in the rain and getting covered in mud. I love showering afterward. I love being able to turn off the air conditioning.

I wore a hoodie on my walk to the coffee shop these evening and it made me happier than it probably should.

I'm glad neither of our vehicles were damaged in the hail storm this morning.

Last Thursday I had a fight with a family member and in my frustration threw my cell phone. The phone did not get damaged. My shoulder did. I feel really foolish about it now - there are better ways to deal with anger (even though it was very cathartic at the time). I am not looking forward to explaining this to my acupuncturist tomorrow.

I got all the way to the coffee shop and realized I forgot my writing folder. I'm now pretty ticked off at myself. I had two poems I really wanted to revise after getting comments on them in writing group on Sunday. grrrr. I guess now I have no choice but to focus on finishing that short story I've been neglecting . . .

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Michelle Johnson said...

Good Morning Doorla~ Sounds like you were busy revising yesterday. Hope it went well. Sorry about your shoulder. Hope the acupuncturist can help. Have a great day.