September 29, 2009

Confession Tuesday

Now that the weather is cooling down, I've started to feel like cooking again. Yesterday I made my favorite couscous recipe, the one I have for lunch at least once a week. Today I'll be making carrot-potato soup, and tomorrow I'm going to try a vegan version of sloppy Joe's.

One of my friends has walking pneumonia. Two of my friends have swine flu (and one of them is my boyfriend's other girlfriend, so there is a lot of potential for germ-swapping between the three of us). Two of the students in my teacher training class were sick yesterday and my teacher was out with a virus last week. I'm a bit of a germophobe. This is a slightly stressful week as a result.

I confess that I'm irrationally excited to go see the remake of Fame tomorrow night. It probably won't be as good as the original, but I love all cheesy dance movies, regardless of overall quality.

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Michelle Johnson said...

couscous reminds me of cream of wheat. vegan sloppy joes sounds pretty good.

sorry everyone is sickly. hope they start feeling better and that you don't catch anything.

I'm looking forward to seeing Fame too. I grew up watching that show on TV and loved it. There's a girl dancing in that movie from So You Think You Can Dance too. I thought that was cool. Also, Debbie Allen will be playing in this movie. She played in the original as well. Have a great night.