October 26, 2009

Big news!

My first novella, A Scandal of Choice, is now available at my Lulu.com store. You can purchase it either in print or electronic format. As a bonus, if you order it before 11:59 p.m. on October 31st, you can type in the promo code "FALLREAD" at checkout and get 10% off!

A Scandal of Choice is a political novel that focuses on issues of reproductive choice. A major presidential sex scandal results in a requirement that the President of the United States must take a vow of celibacy for the duration of her or his term(s). In 2030, President Lydia Worth finds herself unintentionally pregnant, and as a result, her choices move beyond personal.

I have chosen to publish this work under my real name, largely because this piece is more in line with the nonfiction I am trying to publish (political, feminist, and focused on reproductive rights). The identity I use here is the one I prefer to use for poetry and erotica. I actually gave this decision a lot of thought, but ultimately decided that this work fits more in line with the writing persona I am cultivating with my real name rather than the one I am cultivating with my pseudonym.

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