October 13, 2009

Confession Tuesday

My writing group meets on Friday evening and I have only one piece I actually want to show people. *sigh* It's not that I haven't been productive, it's that so much of what I've produced is not ready (or at least, I've convinced myself it's not ready). I either need to write some new poems or stop being so hard on myself, STAT.

I have a novella/novelette/long story (the word count fluctuates with every round of revision so I don't have an official classification just yet) that is almost done, and I'm very excited. I'm putting the final editing/revising touches on it now (and I need to settle on a title I like). I have been working on this piece for almost a year, and look forward to submitting it. If nobody wants to take it, I think I am going to self-publish.

After giving up my novel, I feel great knowing I have a piece of writing that I really want to show the world, that I feel confident enough to self-publish if nobody wants to take it.

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