October 19, 2009

"Go weird."

The post title refers to something one of my friends in my writer's group said to me on Friday night, and it's something I've been pondering quite a bit over the weekend. I got a few comments in that session about things people would like to see me try (such as writing more in third/omniscient person rather than in first person), and the encouraging me to "go weird" with a particular piece was one of those suggestions. I've been wondering about the extent to which my work might be, in a way, too safe. Which is almost weird to think about, because lately I've been writing about things that are incredibly personal, and so I feel pretty vulnerable putting them out there. But just because I feel nervous about them doesn't mean that they're perhaps too conventional, not risky enough. I may be taking risks with my emotions, but I'm not necessarily with my writing.

So I'm going to try experimenting a little more, whatever that might entail (and knowing that what might be an experiment for me might not really be an experiment for someone else). It's not always easy to know what to do, what risks to take, but that's part of the adventure. I wrote a piece of erotica this morning that's definitely outside my typical style, and I think it's pretty effective for a first draft. Now we just have to see how I work new ideas and forms and weirdness into my poetry.

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The Storialist said...

That seems like great advice for experimenting and stretching your voice.

I think I may try it, too!