October 23, 2009

Poem-A-Day in November

Robert Lee Brewer is finishing a chapbook of poems readers submitted during NaPoWriMo in April. And on top of that, he's issuing a new challenge for November. This time, readers will write throughout November, and by January will be able to submit these works as a chapbook, to be judged by Brewer and his wife. While I'll be busy with NaNoWriMo, I've been inspired to take on a side challenge. While I don't think I'll be doing the prompts, I'd like to do a poem a day in conjunction with my novel. My plan is to write a poem somehow related to the novel itself - that is, a poem somehow inspired by the gospels. They'll all revolve around the theme of the novel somehow. Because writing a novel in 30 days isn't difficult enough - now I need to create a poem a day related somehow!

I'll also be blogging my endeavors this year. Maybe not ever day, but regularly, either a poem from the day or a piece of prose. I can't wait for November to start!

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