December 28, 2009

Back from Florida!

Florida was wonderful. The wedding was beautiful, the weather was great, I got to swim in the Gulf and spent four days eating way too much food. And even better, I managed to accomplish my writing goals! Four new poems (one of which I know is really good already, two of which have potential, one I don't like at all), four new pieces of erotica (two which are really good already - one of which might expand to something longer - and two with potential). Plus, I finally had the time and space to make progress on the novel. I'm really happy with myself.

Starting tomorrow, it's back to the revising table for my erotica. I have some deadlines coming up! Several anthologies I want to submit to have deadlines ending this week. It's great to feel so productive. And I already have a good buffer heading into the new year!

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