December 26, 2009

Florida So Far

My hotel is sub-par, but other than that, this trip has been great. Easy flight out, got to have Christmas dinner with old friends and new faces, and I spent much of today on the beach, playing in the Gulf of Mexico. I ate way too much good food, frequented some cute bookstores, and have had a productive writing time: 2 poems and 2 pieces of erotica, right on schedule! Plus I have given a lot of attention to marking up the first draft of my new novel. I plan to spend more time on that tonight, too.

Tomorrow I plan to spend more time on the beach before the wedding. I'm more relaxed than I've been in weeks, and it's really showing in my work. The story I wrote over lunch today is going to be great when I get home and revise it. I'm already really pleased with the first draft.

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