January 19, 2010

Confession Tuesda

I confess I haven't blogged much on Tuesdays recently.

I confess that learning to manage my creative writing time with my influx of freelance work is challenging, but I'll figure it out. I confess that today, between the bookstore and freelance work, I worked 11 hours, and am too tired to do much more than laze around and watch Comedy Central. I confess I feel guilty for wanting to veg out rather than work on stories, even though I have half of Thursday and all of Friday entirely to myself, and I'll feel like doing creative stuff then. I confess I feel the need to be working constantly, even when I'm really tired.

I confess I've gotten nothing but rejections so far this month (and as it's January, so far this year). I confess that after the generally good year I had submission-wise in 2009, it's a little discouraging to start the year without an acceptance in sight.

I confess that I wish I had ice cream right now.

I confess that I'm really looking forward to skipping some of my dance classes tomorrow night to hang out at my favorite bar with friends.

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