April 12, 2010

NaPoWriMo Day 12

Today's poem comes from #11 on last's year's list of NaPoWriMo prompts at Book of Kells.

She waited for him
all day, she was
used to waiting,
used to killing time
with neglected chores,
television reruns,
making grocery lists;
she flitted from
laundry room to
fridge to
bedroom, because
the waiting made her
nervous, she hated his
lateness (even though she
was used to it,
even though she claimed
to have accepted it
years ago),
she hated not
knowing how much
time she had left,
how man half-hours
were still at her
disposal; she
enjoyed structure,
but her need went unfulfilled,
so she half-assed her
diversions, mind always
half-worrying about what else
she could accomplish
and whether he had
been killed in a wreck
instead of just
forgetting to call (again),
and when he finally
darkened her door, she
cried from relief and exhaustion.

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