April 14, 2010

NaPoWriMo Day 14

You will take a strange journey -
     you will not
     learn what you want to be
     when you grow up
You will not grow up -
     life will become
     its own Neverland
and you will always feel
     inside -
     naive and headstrong and
     too willing to try -
You will only have five brief years to
     love your body -
You finally gave in to
     your shape and size, learned
     to appreciate your existence
     and take up space
But you'll trip
     and fall along your path -
     knot up with arthritis
     slow your pace
Mind still racing with adolescent
     energy, impatient, hurrying
     yourself along, trying to get you to
     keep up with yourself -
And you'll have learned eveyrthing
     except the lesson you've needed most -
     patience with yourself
You won't starve
     yourself this time, but you will
     grow as bitter as
     your calcifying joints
Kicking and screaming your way into age
     You'll have these
     inevitable failures, these
     mechanical difficulties
     that you'd rather
     not consider
     part of you.

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