April 26, 2010

NaPoWriMo Day 24

Austin 1

I don't quite fit in here
either, but it's better
than any of the other
places I've tried so far-

Chicago left me numb and
bitter, lake snow freezing
my muscles, snapping
them like the necks of wine bottles
on a bar

Cleveland - no sun
no work left, no hope -
the embodiment of all forms of depression

D.C. is no place for
someone caught between
anarchy and apathy.

And New York is nothing but
crowds, human roaches
taking over.

And all the small towns
in between - not much
room for a queer woman(?)
poet - maybe one of
each, but not all mixed
together in one body.

Here, at the very least
I can warm my bones, and get lost
in the sky, and
retreat easily into the hills or
my home.

Here, at the very least,
I don't look quite
so awkward, I'm not expected to
be pretty, I'm not
expected to be

Still lonely, always
lonely, but there's hope
here, at least.

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