May 16, 2010

eBook Review Dirtyville, edited by Sommer Marsden

When I started Dirtyville, I planned to read a few of the stories, then put my Nook down and go about my day. But before I knew it, I'd finished the entire book in one sitting. I read through all thirteen stories without getting bored or feeling the need to get up and do something else for awhile. Dirtyville is a completely absorbing collection; editor Sommer Marsden did an excellent job of selecting thirteen fascinating and sexy stories.

Dirtyville is a collection that is both sexy and well-written. Although none of these stories is longer than 1,000 words, each one has an interesting plot, believable characters, or compelling scenes. These stories are about more than just sex; they all take to heart the idea that "life is never really what it seems," especially in small towns. The best example of this is "Today's Special" by Heidi Champa. This story has great sex and a twist ending; you think you know who these characters are and what they want, but the closing lines make you realize you can't make assumptions, even about the dirtier side of life.

The only complaint I have about Dirtyville is that some of the stories are so short that they seem incomplete. "The Dentist's Wife" and "Bulldozers and Communion" both have strong beginnings, but leave the reader with the sense that they're unfinished. "Bulldozers" in particular feels cut off because it focuses on protagonist Roger's late-in-life blooming sexuality, but cuts us off before we can see the full extent of that development. The narrative ends just as Roger is getting advice from his ex-wife about how to give good blow jobs; as a reader, I wanted to see him make use of that information before the story ended.

While a few of the stories are weaker than others, Dirtyville is overall a fantastic book and one of my favorite erotica collections, whether in print or eBook form. Anyone fascinated by the darker side of small-town life will appreciate it, but Dirtyville will be accessible, entertaining, and hot for anyone who appreciates quality smut.

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