May 19, 2010

eBook Review: Kinkyville, edited by Sommer Marsden

I didn't expect to finish Kinkyville in one sitting. But like the companion collection Dirtyville, I read the entire book and didn't realize how far along I was until I was done. I'm pleased to say that Kinkyville is just as strong and interesting as Dirtyville. It's sexy, kinky, and also accessible to a wide variety of readers.

Kinkyville is excellent because the stories within it all epitomize the kink genre in one way or another, but also manage to set themselves apart. "Punishment Befitting the Crime" by D. L. King comes to mind as an example because it's a fantastic new take on the sexy librarian motif. "Barber's Pole" by J. D. Waters is unexpected as well - in that two male characters discover something new about their own sexuality. These two stories are especially memorable, but every piece in Kinkyville has merit and is worth reading.

Like the companion collection Dirtyville, some of the stories in Kinkyville are so short they feel incomplete. "You Suck" by Benjamin Eliot is one such piece. The story builds up an incredible amount of tension, but concludes the piece before the reader (or the characters) can get a decent release. While sexual tension is one of the most important parts of a strong erotic story, "You Suck" is all about the buildup without any sense of resolution or conclusion. "The Goth Girl" by Rita Winchester is another story that is so brief that it seems more like a fragment of a larger piece. There is so much potential for a complete sex scene and a compelling narrative, but it's cut short. But these problems aside, Kinkyville is extremely enjoyable, and I have no other complaints.

Kinkyville will definitely appeal to readers who enjoy all forms of kinky stories, and in general, most of them are complex enough that they'll appeal to more vanilla readers as well. I highly recommend this collection.

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