May 13, 2010

Story-a-Day 10-13

Despite the lack of blog updates (I have a busy life!), I’ve managed to keep up with a new story every day.

Day 10 resulted in something that needs revision but has potential, and was a hell of a lot of fun to write; I got the idea the day before from some friends while eating in a burger joint. Keeping sort of mum about it, though. I never like discussing ideas early on in the writing process.

Day 11 yielded a piece of flash fiction I wrote while in the waiting room at the dentist’s office. Not happy with it, nothing really memorable or interesting, but I got words on paper!

Day 12 also was a piece of flash fiction, one that I enjoyed very much.

Day 13 has been a real challenge. I started a piece for an anthology of Sherlock Holmes erotica, which has been difficult because I rarely write from the perspective of men, and also because I am trying to write it in Doyle’s style, and I’ve never been good at imitation. Plus, I’m collaborating with my spouse on this story, and collaboration is always a tricky think. But it was a great way to stretch my creative muscles!

In other news, I’ve submitted a second of my story-a-day pieces. I have no idea what I’m going to write tomorrow, but I know I’ll come up with something!

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