May 14, 2010

Story a Day #14

Well, I have a story, but I absolutely hate it. Today was just a difficult writing day. I had to force an idea, and then had to force out the words. I know that any attempt is better than no attempt, that I still did something worthwhile, that even if this story is not any good, at least I got some practice in. But it's hard not to feel discouraged when you feel like you've wasted your entire afternoon. Even if deep down, you know it wasn't wasted.

I still should be pleased with myself. I've written a story every day so far. Some of them have a lot of potential. I will have a lot of revision and submission fodder at the end of the month. Because I'm actively writing, I'm getting inspired more frequently. This whole project is really good for me. Even when I get discouraged, I know that it's good for me, that I'm becoming a better writer even when I have an off day.

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The Storialist said...

So true!! It sounds like this is invigorating your process, not just your content. Even if you don't end up using an idea in the way you initially think, the work is never a waste.

Rah, rah!