May 16, 2010

Story-a-Day 15 and 16

Friday was a rough creative day, but the 15th and 16th have both been really good. Just a few hundred words each day, but each piece has a lot of potential. I feels really refreshing to be creating work I want to continue improving.

I think what helped me this weekend was that, after a difficult afternoon on Friday, I spent the evening doing absolutely nothing. I just shut my brain off. I went out for dinner and had some quality time with my spouse, and then we just watched television the rest of the night. I didn’t even multitask. Often when we’re watching TV, I’ll be doing something: catching up on email, cleaning, things like that. But on Friday night, I just sat and watched. I let everything go and just completely relaxed. And I think it really paid off. I woke up on Saturday feeling artistically refreshed, and I’ve been quite productive this weekend.

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