May 9, 2010

Story a Day #8

Yesterday, short on both ideas and time, I used the prompt from the Story-a-Day website to write a story in exactly 55 words. It came out pretty well, considering I rarely write flash or microfiction. This is also one of the few stories I composed on the computer (I usually write my first draft by hand), in order to take advantage of word-count software and not have to constantly stop and tally the words by hand.

This story makes my wordcount for the month so far 3,258, just based on the stories I have typed up.

Suffered from insomnia last night (too much heavy food too close to bed), so I'm looking to take a nap and then write a full story later. And possibly get some revision in. I'm behind on that, and I can't submit work if I don't revise!

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