June 1, 2010

Confession Tuesday

I confess that I rarely have time to blog on Tuesdays, and thus usually don't do these posts, even though I very much enjoy writing them.

I confess that I've been feeling a little burned out lately and have been missing a few deadlines and not being quite as productive. I want to amp up the writing, revising, and submitting for the next week, though, as on June 9th I leave for Ohio to visit family and won't get back until the 15th. And I won't have much time, space, or energy to write while I'm there.

I confess that I understand why I'm burned out - I've maintained a pretty intense production schedule lately. I know I need to be patient with myself. But I just want to write! (Even though part of my doesn't).

I confess that I'm so glad I started taking yoga again.

I confess that I love clothing-optional beaches.

I confess that even though I'm still not 100% recovered from being hit by a car, I miss riding a scooter (I quit for the sake of some very important people in my life).

I confess that I'm procrastinating and need to get back to real work now.

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