June 8, 2010

Confession Tuesday

I confess that I wrote my drabble for today with exactly 100 words the first time. No cutting down 150 extra words! I was right on the mark. It made my day.

I confess I don't really want to go back to Ohio for 5 days, even if I will be seeing people I haven't seen in 2-4 years. I will miss my life in Austin so much.

I confess my regular drabble posting will probably be interrupted due to unreliable internet in Ohio. But my regular drabble writing won't. Expect a big update when I get back.

I confess that as much as I love my sister, I do not relish driving her stuff from Ohio to Texas for her. I am so glad she's moving here. But that's not my idea of a good time.

I confess that I hate flying and hate the thought of getting on a plane tomorrow even more than I hate the thought of spending 2 days in a car driving back to Texas.

I confess that I'm thirsty right now, but too lazy to get up and get a drink.

I confess that my jalapeno plants haven't sprouted peppers yet, but they smell like peppers, and I'm taking that as a good sign.

I confess that while I seem a little whiny in this entry, things are all in all pretty good.

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