June 27, 2010

Sunday Pleasures

This feature (which I hope I'll get around to doing every Sunday) loosely inspired by Shanna Germain's Weekly Pleasures at her own blog.

This weeks theme: Pleasures in Austin.

Mad props to Gil at Diablo Rojo, who gave me an excellent nose piercing last night. This shop is totally professional and wonderful. Highly recommended.

I tried Black Sheep Lodge with my boyfriend and friends on Tuesday. Fantastic cocktails, great beer list, and AMAZING bar food. Best bar food ever. Especially the fried cheese curds.

I saw Amber of VAMPS Pole Dance perform at a showcase yesterday, and she was amazing. I need to look at my budget (both financially and time-wise) and see if I have the ability to take her class!

I get to got to Peche tonight to celebrate 2 years of marriage! Whee!

Austinites: be sure to get tickets to Giants in Those Days by the Weird City Theater Company. It's going to be a fantastic show. I can't wait! I should mention that the lovely Terri Lynn Hudson and Jenni Bauer are friends of mine, and they are awesome.

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