July 13, 2010

Confession Tuesday

I confess that I can't believe just one week after I got the ball rolling on the Lusty Literati Reading Series, I have 5 out of 6 spots filled. I can't believe how quickly things have come together. It's going to be a success!

I confess that I can't believe how much work there is left to be done before September 14th.

I confess that I eat avocados pretty much every day. And I don't care that they're fattening, because we need some fat in our diets to thrive, and anyway, they're also full of B12, which is hard to obtain if you're a vegetarian. Plus, they're the most delicious fruit ever.

I confess that I rarely remember to water my plants, and I'll be surprised if I get any jalapenos or tomatillos this year. And I doubt much will come of the avocado seed I planted.

I confess that my husband has a new girlfriend and I absolutely adore her. That I've only known her a week and already she's in my inner circle of friends. They have only seen each other a few times, so I don't presume to know how exactly things are going to go, but I see a really happy vee formation happening in the near future.

I confess that I am in a much better emotional place than I was a week ago. And while not everything is resolved yet, and there will probably be more struggle around these issues for a few more weeks or months, I know I can handle them.

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